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The Alana Partner Ecosystem

Plasmatic Technologies’ growing network of partners and enablers helps our customers realize the potential of the Connected Home and develop programs that delight homeowners.

We develop synergistic relationships with organizations that share our vision of delivering value to service providers and their customers in the dynamic and competitive markets we support. These relationships empower providers to create and sustain programs that strengthen customer engagement and create mutual value through intuitive risk-point and whole-home insights.

Partnership Opportunities

Interested in supporting Connected Home insights with the data generated by devices you currently offer?

Looking to leverage Connected Connected Home intelligence into your data products?

Seeking ways to enhance the consulting and business transformation services you deliver to your clients?

Enablers & Partners

Programming Console

Organizations who provide platforms and applications that enable Alana to accelerate the value of Connected Home insights and deliver secure, scalable and reliable experiences.

Person Checking Data
Devices & Data

Organizations and platforms that enable the cultivation and harmonization of data from connected devices and other sources for the delivery of valuable insights.

Business Meeting
Systems Integration & Consulting

Organizations that use Alana to develop and implement solutions that leverage Connected Home data and insights in a variety of programs and industry applications.

Devices & Data

Smart Home Telematics

  • the opportunities unlocked by the power of contextual and actionable insights,

  • key considerations for a connected home strategy,

  • the potential of Smart Home Telematics, and, 

  • effective approaches your business can take with a Smart Home Telematics program.

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