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Residential Energy Efficiency &
Demand Side Management Programs

Industry Dynamics

Energy utilities are undergoing a tremendous amount of change with the rise of renewables, the increased penetration of electric vehicles, and the challenges associated with maintaining the grid stability in the presence of rapidly changing conditions that may not be easily accommodated by existing infrastructure.



Fortunately, utilities are among the most trusted service providers by consumers, and their brands tend to be strong and associated with positive feelings of reliability. This represents a significant opportunity for forward-thinking providers who have an interest in leveraging that trust in mutually beneficial smart home enabled programs. 

There is no current ‘owner’ of the Smart Home, and no single application or hardware provider is likely to provide a ‘killer app’ that will dominate the home. A wide variety of devices have been deployed by customers themselves, ranging from energy feedback devices to lights and thermostats, battery systems to smart appliances. Some of these systems work together, some do not, and very few interface directly with utility systems. 

The Alana connected system enables utilities to create programs that leverage a very wide variety of in-home devices. By aggregating many platforms and making them utility-friendly, programs can be customized to accommodate what existing customers already own – making overall cost of acquisition far lower, and increasing potential adoption from the outset. 

Most importantly, the platform provides utilities with a method to interface in the Smart Home space without running an ecosystem ‘behind the meter’: 

  • Deploy quickly by leveraging existing assets in the community

  • Provide daily interactions with customers to reinforce brand and improve customer relationships and engagement

  • Bring energy insights to the customer on an ongoing basis

  • Offer customer incentives, creating mutually beneficial economies with minimal impact on lifestyle or comfort

  • Link with Open ADR to treat homes, clusters, or entire communities as flexible energy resources

  • Gain greater insight to customer behavior and energy utilization

  • Provide disaggregation and other insights to customers in order to become partners in efficient energy use

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