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New Strategic Powers

Unlock Smart Home data and be proactive with customers

Unleash the potential of mutual benefit

Create a win-win situation by rewarding customers for choices that align with mutual benefits. Providing insights based on homeowner devices allows service providers to encourage end users in their support of desired outcomes. Homeowners that are motivated to live more efficiently, educated on safety or encouraged to pursue better home upkeep will take actions that ultimately support the service provider's operational, capital and corporate goals. 

Custome first
market disruption

Stay ahead of market disruption

The best defense is a good offense. Alana enables innovative programs that avoid market disruption from new entrants, and augment existing customer relationships to combat the risk of customer churn. Real-time information of home owner needs, habits and preferences enables you to identify opportunities and develop new programs to create additional value and proactively differentiate against other industry players.

Optimize services with contextualized data

Utilize Alana's insight into the Connected Home to gain a deeper understanding of your customer base and its composition. Leverage data to develop more personalized packages and craft programs that are optimized for the nuances of specific customer segments to deliver and capture value in a more sustainable manner.

intelligent insight
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