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The Alana Connected Home System

Connected Home capabilities designed for service providers

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As Connected Home technologies achieve mainstream adoption, millions of devices from hundreds of vendors are used for a wide array of household applications. However, market fragmentation and a lack of standards significantly impede the ability for these products to work together.

Our solution enables service providers to offer the value of device and data harmonization for whole-home insight and control, while opening opportunities for additional value-added services and a better understanding of their customers.

The system's modular design is comprised of the Alana platform, intuitive user facing apps, and broad support for connected devices. 

The Platform


The Alana Connected Home System integrates a growing number of device ecosystems and a variety of data sources to meet customer needs and address service provider objectives:

  • Own the smart home: provide whole-home insight and control by stitching together devices and ecosystems

  • Empower customers with intelligent automation features that meet their busy lifestyle

  • Improve service value and their delivery through better understanding of the customers

  • Strengthen customer relationships with personalized services

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User Facing Apps


The Alana Connected Home mobile app can stand alone or be integrated with existing assets. It is designed to position the service provider as the Connected Home provider:

  • Provide customers with a single, comprehensive, and easy way to view and manage their Connected Home

  • Issue alerts and notifications to keep customers connected no matter where they are

  • Develop additional touchpoints that reinforce the service provider brand and customer relationship

  • Deliver useful and actionable home insights that users will value and use frequently

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