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Customer First

Go digital and meet your customers where they are

Unleash the potential of mutual benefit

Customers crave an easier way to get their Smart Home devices to work for them. Alana's user optimized mobile app gives homeowners and other members of their household intuitive insight and control that works with the growing variety of devices they already own or plan to adopt. A smoother user experience leads to stronger engagement and higher perceived value of services.

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mobile apps

Create accessible and frequent touch points

Today more than ever, customers need to be met where they are most comfortable: on mobile devices. The brandable Alana app aggregates existing home devices and other relevant data feeds into a complete Smart Home experience while the Alana platform enables personalized and contextualized touchpoints that reinforce the service provider brand and value promise.

Optimize services with contextualized data

Utilize timely and contextual feedback or even layer gamified experiences to incent behavior that increases customer benefits while helping your business. The entire system has been built to accommodate new value-add opportunities, engage homeowners with tailored and supportive messages or reward them with savings and promotions in ways that expand existing offerings.  

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