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Flexible Smart Home Offerings

Industry Dynamics

Internet-enabled technology advancements, changes in service delivery models, and commoditization of service offerings are causing strains on established telecommunications operators and MSOs. Whether it’s increased customer expectations, the pressure to generate growth despite eroding margins, or the constant need to drive efficiency, providers are compelled to innovate with greater agility.

At the same time, consumers adopt connected home devices and technologies but routinely face issues with connectivity and interoperability. These ongoing issues increase the volume of support calls and home network providers being sought to resolve them.

By end of 2017, almost a quarter of households (30.3 million) will not have a traditional TV subscription.
(source: Convergence Research)

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The growing acceptance of consumer IoT provides communications service providers unprecedented opportunities to meet those challenges by proactively and effectively capitalizing on the potential of the Connected Home to develop value-add revenue streams and sustain customer engagement. 

Communication service providers are in a unique position to:

  • Introduce new connected automation and security services that can be bundled for better customer retention and market differentiation

  • Improve the customer experience through additional and valuable touchpoints via mobile, voice, and TV

  • Deliver home or business insights that bring a large set of related services and assets into consolidated program ‘plays’

  • Efficiently acquire new customers by leveraging reputation benefits, gamification, and word-of-mouth

  • Utilize existing assets and capabilities - from network assets, to call center and technician workforce

  • Increase ROI from M2M and cellular assets and programs including 5G, LoRa and other initiatives

  • Leverage economies of scope to expand into new regions with syndicated Connected Home programs while satisfying the specific nuances of those markets

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